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BPI® Accounting was discontinued in 2008. But you can still get support for your BPI company data:

* Repairing damaged data reported by Verify Company

* Fixing companies that cannot be selected because of data corruption

* Correcting I/O errors that occur during data entry, batching, printing, or closing

* Putting G/L periods back into balance

* Reopening closed periods or fiscal years (G/L or payroll)

* Guaranteed results or no charge

            Click here for more information on BPI data repair

FAQs About BPI Accounting

* The most current version of BPI (circa 2008) is 5.00b

* BPI works well under Windows XP, but not Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

* When running BPI in Windows XP, you can put BPI into "full screen DOS mode" by pressing Alt-Enter

* BPI doesn't know what a USB port is, so is not compatible with USB printers

* BPI is not available for sale, and has been out of production since 2007

* There is no such thing as "BPI for Windows"

* BPI is still being used by small businesses in the US and Canada