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     BPI® Accounting data problems? Get them fixed now.

If you find yourself with damaged BPI data and don't have a current backup, don't worry. You don't have to rekey everything.

Our guaranteed BPI data repair service can fix your data quickly and reliably. Call 1-800-999-9209 to set up the service, or you can order online below.

How the Service Works

You upload your damaged files to us. We correct the damaged files, test the data thoroughly, then get the corrections back to you via a secure download link.

STEP 1: Choose between two services - Expedited or Standard Service

Expedited Data Recovery:

Turnaround same day, evening, or weekend
$695 flat fee
Guaranteed success, or no charge

                Click to pay for expedited service

Standard Data Recovery:

Turnaround in about 2 business days
$495 flat fee
Guaranteed success, or no charge

                Click to pay for standard service

STEP 2: Upload Your Data to Us Securely

You can send your data to us by using the form below. Your file will be transferred directly to us over a secured connection.

Create a zip file of your BPI company data folder using WinZip or Windows compression. Give us a call at 1-800-999-9209 if you need help with this step.

In the form below, enter your own email address.

For the password, enter this:         

In the message prompt, tell us whatever you think we need to know about your data situation -- errors you have received, etc.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-999-9209 (1-719-395-8750). We look forward to working on your file.

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FAQ: What can be fixed?

Damage reported in the Verify Company command
Unopenable companies
I/O errors during data entry, batching, printing, closing
Out of balance G/L periods
Improperly closed G/L periods or years